Following the news reports regarding what is in various meat products, here at Haswells Homer Hill Farm Shop we are proud to remind customers that we do not import any meat products and/or processed meat.

Meat products and processed meat generally speaking is Minced Meat, Burgers and Sausages.

We prepare our own Sausages, Pies, Burgers and Minced Beef here using cuts of meat that our skilled butchers have cut themselves directly from the carcases &/or joints from the carcases.

We make all our meat products (Minced Beef, Burgers, sausages and Pies) from scratch thus ensuring that we know exactly what goes into our products and it ensures full traceability. As we can trace to the farmer where all our meat comes from.

Be assured that there is nothing in our products that should be of concern, you can always trust your local butcher to look after you.

We can even tell you the name of the person that makes the burgers, sausages and mince - David Kirtley.

We consistently achieve a very high standard from FSA (Food Standard Agency) inspections.

If you have any question please ask.
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